Annual General Meeting 2019

Old Boys AGM 2019
Tributes were paid to Derek Laverty, Ivan Davison BEM, Harry Curran and Mrs Ria Wright at the 80th Annual General Meeting of 1st Portadown Company Boys’ Brigade Old Boys’ Association, held in Thomas Street Methodist Church Parlour on Thursday, January 24, 2019.
Following reports from the Secretary, Chairman and Treasurer, the Election of Officers took place. Those elected for the 2019/20 session were ;
President : Rev. Thomas Stevenson.
Vice-Presidents : Albert Adamson, Pastor David Burrows (USA), Lynn Burrows, Brian Crozier, William England, James McClung, Albert McNally, Victor Pickering (life member), Kenneth Twyble, Kenneth Vennard BEM, Leslie Wells, Roy Woolsey, Bobbie Wright (life member).
Chairman : Steven Wright.
Vice – Chairman : William McCann.
Secretary : Paul Teggart.
Treasurer : Steven Wright.
Committee : Paul Armstrong, Martin Brownlee, Kenneth Moffett (full members).
Ex-officio : Andrew Millar, Kenneth Vennard BEM.
Trevor Brady, John McLellan, Stephen Pollock (associate members).
Old Boys’ President, the Rev. Thomas Stevenson ended the meeting with a short talk and prayer.


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31st January 2019