Full membership of 1st Portadown BB Old Boys Association is open to all past and present officers and boys of the 1st, 6th & 7th Portadown Companies of the Boys’ Brigade, who have reached 17 years of age.
Persons other than the above may join as Associate members with the proviso that Associate membership shall be offered at the discretion of the Committee, subject to regulations one of which is that Associate membership shall not exceed 40% of the total membership of the Association.
One can apply for application by asking any Committee for an Application Form or by printing one from this website. After favourable consideration and the payment of an annual subscription candidates will be informed of their membership in writing.
When Associate membership exceeds 40% a waiting list of applications will be held by the Secretary.
Please note that all members are expected to take part in all the activities of the Association including attendance at the Annual Church Service, the Annual Reunion & Dinner and the monthly Bible Class.